Phytomax Biofertilizer details

Phytomax is a biofertilizer derived from the cultural broth photosynthetic bacteria strain 1 (PSB-1)
Rhodablastus acidophilus. Phytomax is used as biofertilizer to increase crop yield and improve quality in rice,
maize, soybean, apple, tea and tomato crops

Main component

Photosynthetic bacteria, Rhodoblastus acidophilus, strain 1 (PSB-1)

Application methods

Foliar spray: 2.5-3.5L/1,000L water Drenching: 4.0-5.0L/1,000L water Seed/tuber soaking: 4.0-5.0L/1,000L water

Phytomax Functions on Vegetables & herbs

  • Stimulated Growth: PhytoMax encourages robust growth by providing vital nutrients and promoting root development.
  • Increased Yields: Usage of PhytoMax leads to higher harvest yields through improved flower and fruit production.
  • Stress Resistance: PhytoMax enhances plants’ ability to withstand stressors like drought and disease, ensuring healthier crops.
  • Enhanced Quality: The compounds in PhytoMax elevate flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of vegetables and herbs.
  • Soil Enrichment: By fostering beneficial soil microorganisms, PhytoMax improves soil quality and fertility.
  • Sustainability: PhytoMax supports sustainable and organic farming practices by reducing reliance on synthetic inputs.

Phytomax functions on Tea, Coffee

  • Nutrient Supply: Phytomax provides vital nutrients for tea and coffee plant growth.
  • Organic Matter: It enriches the soil with organic material, improving soil quality.
  • Microbial Boost: Beneficial microorganisms enhance nutrient absorption and plant health.
  • Disease Control: Some microorganisms help suppress plant diseases.
  • Improved Yield & Quality: Phytomax boosts crop productivity and quality.