PHYTOMAX®- Prevent crop diseases, Promote crop Health

Dahwa Agrochemical Ltd stands out in Kenya for producing and distributing high-quality biofertilizers to our valued customers.

Products & Services

Boost Your Productivity with our biofertilizer, Phytomax. Crafted with precision and backed by cutting-edge research, Phytomax harnesses the potency of natural ingredients to boost soil fertility and plant health. Our biofertilizer fosters sustainable growth, increases nutrient absorption, and ensures that your crops thrive, naturally

Crop protection

We help protect your crops. Our experienced team will create strategies to reduce risks from pests, diseases, and environmental factors. We take preventive measures and use targeted interventions to manage any situation that arises. Our goal is to ensure an exceptional harvest and give you peace of mind. Trust us to protect your crops and ensure a plentiful harvest year after year.

Farmers Training

We train farmers on various topics, including modern agricultural practices and sustainability. Our interactive workshops and hands-on sessions equip them with the necessary tools to achieve maximum yield with minimal environmental impact

Dahwa Agrochemicals can revolutionize your agricultural venture. Contact us now to discover how.

What people say about us?

"Switching to Phytomax biofertilizer from Dahwa Agrochemical was a game-changer for my crops. The results were impressive, and my yields have significantly increased."
Amanda Leah
" Phytomax biofertilizer have proven to be a cost-effective solution, providing excellent results season after season. My plants are thriving like never before."
Daniel Kipchirchir
FARMER, eldoret
"I've seen a noticeable improvement in soil health and plant growth after incorporating phytomax biofertilizer into my farming practices. Highly recommended!"
John Njoroge
Farmer , Kiambu
"As an environmentally conscious farmer, using Phytomax biofertilizer from Dahwa Agrochemical not only boosted my harvest but also aligned with my sustainable farming goals."
Francis Kolei