About us

Dahwa Agrochemical Limited stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the agricultural domain, recognized as a premier company and a pioneering regional distributor of advanced biofertilizers. Located in the vibrant heart of Nakuru, Kenya, our company is at the forefront of revolutionizing modern agriculture through our specialization in crop nutrition, crop protection, and soil improvement. Our core strength lies in harnessing the immense potential of beneficial photosynthetic bacteria to manufacture and deliver cutting-edge biofertilizers that are driving the transformation of farming practices across the region

With a storied history spanning years, Dahwa Agrochemical Limited has solidified its position as a leader in agricultural innovation. Our journey began with a vision to provide farmers with sustainable, effective, and environmentally conscious solutions that empower them to achieve higher yields while preserving the vitality of their lands. Over the years, our commitment to this vision has allowed us to establish a reputation for excellence that resonates within the agricultural community

Situated in Nakuru, a hub of agricultural activity, we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of being the regional leader in agricultural advancement. From the rich farmlands of Kenya to the dynamic agricultural landscapes of neighboring countries, our influence reaches far and wide, touching the lives of countless farmers who entrust us with their crop success.

Biofertilizers: A Revolutionary Approach:

At the core of our identity lies our groundbreaking approach to agriculture – the innovative utilization of beneficial photosynthetic bacteria. We are proud pioneers in manufacturing and distributing biofertilizers that harness the symbiotic power of these microorganisms. These biofertilizers not only enhance crop nutrition but also provide natural protection against pests and diseases while rejuvenating the soil for sustained productivity

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative, cutting-edge, up-to-date, trustworthy, and premium-grade agricultural inputs and services. Our aim is to revolutionize farms and livelihoods through the seamless integration of technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of high-quality agri-inputs in East Africa and across the entire African continent, promoting growth among all farmers.

Our Amazing Clients